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Informal documentation for the application installed at

To ADD a Corpus:

1. Add HTML Visualization Formats if new ones are associated with the corpus. (May also create corpus, then add HVF, then go back to the corpus and edit it to select the new format(s).)

  • slug is the ANNIS slug/title for the visualization
  • Title is what we’re displaying on our screen
  • Button title is for button we’re displaying

2. Add the Corpus: Texts > Corpora > Add corpus

  • Title – The title you want on screen
  • Slug– for the url (short, no spaces)
  • URN code
  • Annis code–base 64 string for the copus url
  • Annis corpus name – the name of the corpus in ANNIS
  • Github link– for the downloads
  • HTML visualization– select the ones desired

3. Ingest data and visualizations Add Ingest (under Ingests)

To DELETE Corpus:

Click the red delete button in the lower left within the individual corpus settings (see below):

Also can delete on the corpus list by selecting the corpora and deleting via the drop down menu:

Deleting a corpus does not delete all metadata automatically. But with the next ingest everything will be removed

Other Items

Corpus Meta Items: isn’t show on front end; automatically populated upon ingest

HTML Visualizations

  • where all the actual visualizations themselves are stored
  • button to add is to add something manually– can cut and paste HTML into the box
  • would then need to go into Texts > Texts> name of text to associate the visualization manually with the text

Search Field Values (Texts administration): populated automatically during ingest

Search Fields (Texts administration):

  • Configured through the ingest, but specifications like the splittable fields need to be specified. Once you put a comma or something in it, the contents will persist across changes
  • Don’t change Annis name!
  • Order is order on the navigation on the site; order will persist across changes

Text Meta Items: populated automatically from ANNIS

Texts: coming in automatically from ANNIS

Updating Server Where App Is Deployed

If you edit the files in GitHub and wish to pull them to the AWS server where the app is installed:

  • ssh to server with copticscriptorium authentication file
  • cd to the web application where it’s deployed
  • git pull origin master
  • .gitignore file will ignore the files on the server like the admin password; it will also assure that we do not destroy the content of the database.
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